This week, we learn what it takes to go from fans of film to someone that the industry wants to help promote their films.

Both Joel Walden and Lyle Goodale have back stories that give hope to those who yearn to see their work on the big screen. From ripping DVDs for clean video and audio, to letting YouTube surface their work, and, eventually, how to leverage a hobby into a full-time creative career. The old days of getting cease and desist letters from lawyers looking to stopping them from remixing their IP are long gone.

Still, learning that the ultimate skill what a trailer editor does is is…possessing a sensitivity to music and tone, all the while collaborating with others? The artists’ path is rarely a straight line.

Make no mistake, the trailers that these two cut, one for I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS and the other for THE WAVE, respectively, are solid gold examples of what it takes to elevate someone else’s art and have it transcend the medium.

This is our latest installment in our series of speaking with folks who’ve gone from making fan trailers and mashups to being rising stars in the trailer industry.

On this episode, we have both Joel Walden of Mark Woollen + Assoc. and Lyle Goodale of Giaronomo. Joel’s had several standout projects including work on I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS, JOJO RABBIT and HIGH LIFE among others. Lyle’s also contributed to great pieces on campaigns for WESTWORLD, INGRID GOES WEST, LIFE, DON JON and many more.

GOLDEN TRAILER AWARDS, Winner – THE WAVE, Best Foreign Thriller Trailer

Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods – the podcast that honors the art of making movie trailers, teasers, key art, and all the strategic content that launch the movies, TV shows, and games we love.

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