This week, the discussion turns to two industry veteran writers to talk about advertising, collaborations, and memories of what it takes to launch a movie into people’s conciousness. Kate Cox and Gregg Ostrin talk about how writing plays a part in creating a trailer and how trailers, like the movies they are promoting, have a three act structure and that those who write for trailers have a style all their own.

Whether it’s borrowing copy, getting suggestions from others, cracking a campaign isn’t as easy as it sometimes appears. Both Kate and Gregg have stories from the trenches from their most memorable projects: GLADIATOR, DODGEBALL, 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, REAL STEEL, PLATOON, and many more.

Kate Cox and Gregg Ostrin are two of the most prolific writers in the entertainment advertising industry. Kate has spent her career as a freelance writer working for many agencies, mini-majors and major studios. She shares about her early work such as how she collaborated on the campaign for PLATOON, as well as more recent projects like with FOCUS FEATURES. Gregg is a staff writer at InSync PLUS. Greg reveals much about how he got into the industry, developed his process and the discipline to moonlight as a writer of screenplays, tv shows and stage plays.

Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods – the podcast that honors the art of making movie trailers, teasers, key art, and all the strategic content that launch the movies, TV shows, and games we love.

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