On this episode we have Christian Capello-Colon!

From talking about how watching Saturday Morning Cartoons informs his creative work, and how seeing Pee-Wee Herman dancing to “Tequila” at a young age only to have to be the impetus for his most well-known trailer, Christian delves deep into his process. He is currently the Senior Trailer Editor for Trailer Park and in this week’s episode you’ll hear about the late nights he spent honing his trailer editing skills.

With the help of those who helped teach him the ins and outs of how great trailers are made, he forged his own path and, eventually, would find himself years later being recognized as having the Best Summer Blockbuster Trailer in 2016.

Christian’s CIVIL WAR trailer has over 85 MILLION views to date and was a WINNER of 2016’s Best Summer Blockbuster Trailer from the Golden Trailer Awards
If you didn’t have your socks knocked off by the first trailer, Christian’s effortless and seamless integration of the positive critical reception of Baby Driver made this a must-see

Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods – the podcast that honors the art of making movie trailers, teasers, key art, and all the strategic content that launch the movies, TV shows, and games we love.

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