You’re here because you love trailers.

We’re here because we love trailers.

In addition to breaking the latest news, the newest trailers, the trailers you didn’t know you needed, Trailer Track is also here to bring you one of the ONLY podcasts on the Internet that talks with the masterminds behind the key art we all can’t get enough of: The Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods Podcast.

Posters, teasers, trailers, the women and men who craft the very first look at the movies we can’t wait to see have been unsung, until now.

Each episode takes you through the creative path and career these artists have been on discussing their highs and, at times, even their lows. Every story is unique, every project a new opportunity, and, as it goes, this is Hollywood so count no one out forever. These individuals are the ones who can do more with two-and-a-half minutes than most directors can make with 90. These are the graphic artists who use a 27″ x 40″ canvas to get your heart and blood pumping, to pause in awe at their composition, compel you to open up your wallet to see THAT in motion. These are the people that WE look up to, admire, and understand that what these people do is nothing short of magical.

That’s what Trailer Geeks and Teaser Gods is all about.

Celebrating the work and the dedication to this craft of getting your heart racing and your blood pumping. Whether they’re editing the most anticipated trailer of the year, designing a poster you’ll want to hang on your wall, or helping to develop a marketing strategy to bring it all together, it’s the stories behind the stories that are always the most fascinating. From learning lessons from executives who have single-handedly remade how we consume our entertainment to artisans who look to reshape what a trailer is, everyone has a story worth hearing.

Need a reason to make this podcast part of your everyday rotation? Check out the trailer below and then consider subscribing.

Episode 82: Ricky Strauss – Entertainment marketing great + prolific film producer

As President of Participant Media, he was Executive Producer of such films as AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, FAST FOOD NATION, THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL and CONTAGION. In his role as President and Marketing at Disney+, he helped audiences adapt to what’s possible in terms of excellence in content. Ricky’s helped shape how we experience content and how profound of an impact on our culture content can have.

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