If Daft Punk splitting and lockdown-end-roadmaps weren’t enough announcements for the day…

This week, unfortunately, marks my last at TrailerTrack – I’ll be moving on from the project as I start an exciting new chapter in this weird and wonderful industry. As someone once said in the current highest grossing film of all time – part of the journey is the end – and while it may look like it’s certainly getting close to that, hopefully, it isn’t!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge, sincere thank you to everyone who has followed and supported the project over the last five years. Every follower and tweeter, every visitor to the website, every email subscriber, everyone – fans, press folks, the industry! – who has spread the word and used this for actual work…which is still so surreal to hear about. As someone who’s been doing this solo for so long, it truly means a ton.

I do hope – more than that, I’m sure – that despite moving on, the project will continue in some shape or form. I know so many people have come to rely on it over the years, and I’m working to make sure it lands in the right home or pair of hands to take all this to new heights. If anyone in and around the industry is able to help out in any way in making that happen, do please feel free to reach out.

Once again, a big, sincere, heartfelt thank you to every single one of you in this world of film for helping make all of this happen!

Anton Volkov, Founder

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