Just on the heels of its announcement, including the news of a Sundance Film Festival premiere, the first trailer for Robin Wright’s feature directorial debut Land is now on the way. The piece has been rated by Alberta Film Ratings, and we expect it online in the next couple of weeks; most likely playing with Promising Young Woman in U.S. cinemas from Christmas Day. We’ll have the new look here when it lands…

When Edee’s life is tragically altered, she loses the ability to connect with the world and people she once knew. She retreats to a forest in the Rocky Mountains with a few supplies and leaves her old life behind indefinitely. The beauty of her new surroundings is undeniable yet quickly humbling as she struggles to adjust and prepare for the winter ahead. When Edee is caught on the brink of death, a local hunter and his family miraculously save her, but she alone must find a way to live again.

Starring Robin Wright, Demián Bichir and Kim Dickens, the film is released in U.S. cinemas February 12, with a UK date to be announced.

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