Last month, we launched the Quarantine Trailer Challenge – our first fan trailer competition, to celebrate not only the creativity and talent of our readers and followers, but also the film that have been, to date, affected by the current state of the world…

Over the past couple of weeks, our jury has looked over the submitted entries, and we are delighted to reveal the finalists of the challenge and winners of the individual categories:

Best Full Trailer

Winner: No Time To Die ‘The Bond Legacy’ by Jon Bridges


Best Teaser Trailer

Winner: Top Gun: Maverick ‘Danger Zone’ by EmeraldEye Productions


Most Original Trailer

Winner: Shazam! 2 ‘Philadelphia’s Champion Returns’ by Jon Bridges


Best Use Of Music

Winner: Top Gun: Maverick ‘Danger Zone’ by EmeraldEye Productions


Best Editing Technique

Winners: Candyman (Pet Sematary Style) by TacitEdits and ‘Hollywood’s Coronavirus Victims’ Mash-up by Villenege

Runner-up: No Time To Die ‘The Daniel Craig Collection’ by Dylan Wong

Best ‘Style’ Trailer

Winner: Candyman (Pet Sematary Style) by TacitEdits


Best Genre Twist

Winner: Soul (Horror) by Harrison Brenner

Now, the six winners from the categories will go head to head in a Best of Show tournament…where it’s your turn to vote!

Screenshot at May 16 15-50-54.png

The winner of the showdown – author of the best trailer overall – will win a $30/£25 (or suitable local currency equivalent) iTunes gift card! The first round opens today (Saturday night UK time), with the semi-final on Sunday and final round Monday evening – and you can cast your vote on our Twitter.

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in and supported our inagural challenge!

(featured image via GQ)

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