In This Month in Trailer Music, the team at Canada-based research project Trailaurality takes a look at the musical highlights of the past month’s film and TV trailer drops. Be sure to also check out the detailed breakdowns on their website!

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2

With a new year comes a vague sense that the unpredictable and unknown lurks just ahead, and in this sense the music in the trailer to Star Trek: Discovery’s second season does not disappoint. Note the abruptness in the musical key (sense of which chord is “home”) at about the one minute mark, and an alien invader appears as if on cue. The ever-building arrangement is a fine match for the high-octane action on display in the trailer’s final moments.

Russian Doll — Season 1

It wouldn’t be a trailer music roundup without at least one entry from industry-upender Netflix or at least one deployment of a clever musical cover, and Russian Doll manages to hit both marks. It’s a creeped out Groundhog Day as we hear Tommy James and the Shondells’ 1968 classic “Crimson and Clover” literally gets played over and over. In fact, at about 0:19 the entire trailer appears to begin again, studio card and all. It’s all part of the charm of this fourth-wall breaking dramedy, starring Natasha Lyonne branching out from her role in Orange is the New Black.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (U.S. Teaser)

Those expecting Spidey to find himself off-planet after the events of Infinity War will be asked to reign their expectations in a little. To match the relatively comfortable auspices of the European tour theme comes the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated,” – previously used to great effect in A Cure for Wellness – replete with a cute commentary by way of its lyrics (“take me to the airport / hurry on a plane”). Those hoping for some epic music action won’t be left hanging either, as the second half happily obliges along with some rhythmically interesting variations befitting a sequel – not to mention the classic 1967 Spider-Man animated cartoon theme tune.

The White Crow

Ballet? All about classical music and rhythmic vitality. Vivaldi? Same. This was probably the thinking as “The Four Seasons” gets trotted out for a trailer once again, albeit with some very careful editing to fit the choreographic art of Rudolf Nureyev, the 20th century ballet dancer known as “Lord of the Dance.” Moreover, the extended build up to the ready identification of “The Four Seasons” helps ensure its impact is felt in a fresh and vital way. While Vivaldi isn’t exactly synonymous with ballet, it’s the feeling that counts here, and in this respect it undeniably works.

These are just a few of what we felt were the most interesting and / or attention-grabbing trailers released in the past month or so, especially in terms of their music and sound. Have a suggestion on what we should look at next time? Follow us @trailaurality and visit our weekly blog at for even more analysis and discussion. See you next month!

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