Earlier in the week, Alberta Film Ratings had rated a debut full trailer for a mysterious 20th Century Fox/Fox Searchlight film titled Lucy In The Sky. Now, thanks to ERC Exhibitor Relations, we now know that this is (as suspected) a brand new title for an existing film, which is Noah Hawley’s (FX’s Fargo and Legion) much-anticipated directorial debut Pale Blue Dot. 

Screenshot at Dec 21 07-35-19.png

Based on the timing of the ratings, expect this online in the coming days, as it’s likely that Fox Searchlight will want it out with the likes of Vice, Destroyer and On The Basis of Sex opening in the U.S. next week. As soon as we get more info, we will be sure to update!

The film centers on a married astronaut who returns to Earth after a mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut. She heads into a downward spiral as she loses her connection to her family — a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space — and when her lover beings another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out.

Starring Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz and Dan Stevens, the film is released sometime in 2019, with a date likely announced along with the trailer.


  1. Excited for this, are there any legit confirmations of what film it will play in front of. Going to see Vice.


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