It’s this time of the year again – in just under two weeks’ time, thousands of fans (and a handful of major studios) will descend upon San Diego for the 2018 Comic-Con! Anticipation is high not only for the opportunities to meet the stars attending, but to also get a peek at some of the most highly-anticipated comic-book and genre films of the remainder of 2018 and early 2019. But which of these new looks will land online as trailers for all to see? Which ones will remain exclusive to Hall H and why?

With the full schedule for the weekend now officially available, this feature aims to answer the above and more. Read on for the day-by-day breakdown of what to expect the weekend after next, as well as our Comic-Con Footage Explainer – clarifying how events like this work when it comes to exclusive peeks.

Note: This post will be updated as official announcements come in.

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Wednesday, July 18 (Preview Night)

New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. ScareDiego (Horton Grand Theatre, 9:30pm PT/5:30am BST)

What to expect: The studio is set to preview exclusive clips from September’s The Nun – with only a teaser out, a full trailer debut would make lots of sense. It last year had a similar trailer premiere during the off-site event, with an online drop in the days following. As for the highly-anticipated It: Chapter 2, it has only just started filming, so if anything is shown to the audience there, don’t expect it to arrive online.

Thursday, July 19

20th Century Fox: The Predator (Hall H, 10:30am PT/6:30pm BST)

What to expect: basically, nothing. Much like with Kingsman: The Golden Circle last year, the studio will focus on only one film: The Predator. With the recent full trailer, we expect some footage – likely clips, maybe even an extended sequence or two like last year – to be shown off by Shane Black and cast to the thousands in Hall H. However, don’t expect any of that to arrive online officially. Even if it’s bootlegged.

What not to expect: the panel’s sole focus on The Predator does also mean that you shouldn’t get your hopes up for anything from new X-Men installment Dark Phoenix or James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel (UPDATE: Alita will get a separate off-site event on July 20, see below) – both of which showed off trailers (and selected scenes in the case of the latter) to exhibitors at CineEurope last month – or anything from Fox’s other titles either in-person or online that weekend. While the panel and extended cut screening promoting the upcoming Deadpool 2 home release on Saturday may promise surprises, you shouldn’t, unfortunately, hold your breath for those to involve anything other than the Merc with a Mouth’s corner of the X-Universe.

NEON/AGBO: Assassination Nation (Hall H, 5:45pm PT/1:45am BST)

UPDATE: Trailer has landed online. What to expect: with a late September U.S. release date looming and a teaser launched very recently, Hall H sounds like the perfect place for a full trailer for the Sundance smash, distributed by NEON and Avengers: Untitled’s Russo Brothers’ (who will be at the panel) new company, to launch online as well as to the crowd. Unlike major studios’, indie release marketing is more flexible; and with NEON previously following up with a full I, Tonya trailer not long after a similarly short 1-minute teaser, it would be no surprise for the same to happen here.

(via Fangasm Revisited)

Friday, July 20

Universal Pictures’ Glass and Halloween (Hall H, 3:45pm PT/11:45pm BST)

What to expect: the first trailer has now been confirmed to arrive during the presentation. While not confirmed, a launch of the first Glass trailer is incredibly likely. Director M. Night Shyamalan teased a surprise during the Hall H presentation when unveiling the teaser poster and there’s also the perfect timing – with the release 6 months away and Mission: Impossible – Fallout serving as a great theatrical launchpad the following week for this and other major trailers debuting on SDCC weekend.

What not to expect: any Halloween footage to arrive online. There’s zero doubt that director David Gordon Green brings something to show off to Hall H, but with the aforementioned possibility of a Glass trailer debut and the fact that the first trailer only came out a month ago, don’t expect a new look at the much-anticipated sequel to drop online for the general public so soon.

Paramount Pictures’ Bumblebee (Hall H, 5pm PT/1am BST)

What not to expect: given the recent teaser trailer which just arrived a month ago, a brand new trailer launched online appears quite unlikely. We doubt director Travis Knight comes to Hall H empty-handed though, the audience there is sure to get some clips or exclusive footage that’s just for them.

Sony Pictures’ Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Hall H, 6:15pm PT/2:15am BST)

What to expect: the last Venom trailer arrived back in April to go with Avengers: Infinity War, so another brand new look at the October release that will be released online is almost definitely on the cards. UPDATE: Despite our expectations, no trailer came online.

What not to expect: with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it’s a similar situation as the aforementioned Bumblebee with the most recent trailer arriving just last month. Two Spider-Man-related trailers online in one evening sounds unlikely to us. But, again, Hall H is likely to get something nice footage-wise for themselves.

20th Century Fox: Alita: Battle Angel (Regal Horton Plaza, 7:30pm PT/3:30am BST)

What to expect: the brand new trailer will arrive July 23, just after the convention ends. The studio has announced that a special ‘sneak peek’ of Robert Rodriguez’s latest will be shown off to select fans who complete a scavenger hunt to get tickets. Given the more space-limited venue chosen here compared to Hall H, those lucky enough to get in will likely be shown a very extensive look at the film. Will this be accompanied by a new trailer dropping online? With the teaser – when the film was previously dated for release this month – dropping all the way back in December, we say it’s about time for a proper new look. If not dropping online on Friday evening, then sometime in the week following, to go with the new Mission: Impossible theatrically.

(via Lainey Gossip)

Saturday, July 21

Warner Bros. Theatrical (Hall H, 10:30am PT/6:30pm BST)

What to expect: at what is arguably the weekend’s biggest movie-related Hall H event, the studio is set to bring new looks at quite a number of releases, with many of them landing online as trailers.

On the DC side, the first trailer for James Wan’s Aquaman has already been officially announced for a public launch. The first trailer for Andy Serkis’ Mowgli will have launched two months ago by the time SDCC rolls around, so this would be a good time for a new peek at the famed director and motion capture artist’s Jungle Book adaptation. With similar release dates as their previous instalments – which launched new trailers at Comic-Con – two years ago, a full trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is very much expected, along with the first trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters (UPDATE: Godzilla and Fantastic Beasts now all but confirmed).

While the above trailers are yet to be announced officially in a similar fashion to Aquaman, the Godzilla presence has been confirmed by the director Michael Dougherty. The following week’s release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout provides the perfect theatrical debut placement for all three.

What not to expect: while Hall H is almost definitely getting a look at footage from David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 reportedly (per Deadline) set for a surprise presence, expect neither of these to arrive online. With the expected trailer drops of Aquaman, Mowgli, Fantastic Beasts and Godzilla arguably catering to slightly different core audiences and fan bases, the launch of two or even three DC trailers online on the same night as these is incredibly unlikely. Additionally, with the first trailer released last month, don’t expect whatever may be shown of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part to make its way online.

While hopeful fans may cite Suicide Squad’s and Justice League’s sizzle reels as examples of multiple DC trailers launching online the same day in 2015 and 2016, one must remember that neither were trailers. The former was never meant to go online and only did following a WB-lambasted bootleg leak and the latter was due to special circumstances following the negative response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier that year.

Who’s Skipping Comic-Con

As previously announced by Kevin Feige during the Infinity War press tour, Marvel Studios will officially be skipping Hall H and won’t hold their usual presentation focusing on upcoming releases. Their traditional Saturday slot this year is now taken up by Fox’s Deadpool 2 home media release panel, ahead of a premiere screening of the film’s extended cut later that evening. Lionsgate has also confirmed to SDCC Blog that they won’t be hitting up Hall H this year, which means no Hellboy or Chaos Walking or John Wick: Chapter 3.

Wondering why some of the footage to be presented this weekend won’t be making its way online, or why some studios are skipping SDCC altogether? Head to Page 2 for our Comic-Con Footage Explainer.


  1. the launch of two or even three DC trailers online on the same night as these is incredibly unlikely.

    what a load of bullshit LUL
    literally never happened aka 2016, am i rite


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