In This Month in Trailer Music, the team at Canada-based research project Trailaurality takes a look at the musical highlights of the past month’s film and TV trailer drops. Be sure to also check out the detailed breakdowns on their website!

Technically released in early March, the first trailer for Mary Poppins Returns nonetheless makes the cut for this February’s picks for its faithfully orchestrated soundtrack, reminding us of the days of the full and rich sound that made a composer such as Max Steiner a household name. Taking place some twenty years after the Edwardian-era original, and a solid fifty-four years since the movie version’s debut in 1964, the music in this trailer – which plays off of subtle hints of the melodies that made the original such a classic – leaves one feeling like it was only yesterday.

Elsewhere on the upcoming slate of Disney’s nostalgia-fest lies Solo: A Star Wars Story. Making its debut at this year’s Super Bowl, the trailer musically ventures even further off the beaten path than did Rogue One during its trailer campaign. The tell-tale brass fanfare only makes its requisite appearance for the main title card, and at one point we even hear brooding sequencers far more in tune with Vangelis (i.e. Blade Runner) than anything John Williams has on offer. It is likely a fair bet; continuing to venture far, far away from the source material will ultimately help in Disney’s gambit to secure a longer and more continuous life for the franchise.

Undoubtedly the most philosophically interesting clip this month, A Quiet Place does indeed feature a licensed track in Alec Johnson’s “Silent Killer,” by way of Hybrid Core Music + Sound, but on first listen you’d be hard-pressed to find anything conventionally resembling music here. In fact, it is the elongated periods of silence that make this horror trailer sing, possibly tapping into our collective inability to turn off and shut down in a society awash in text tones and background television. Certainly, the clever audiovisual editing here does the title of the film justice.

These are just a few of what we felt were the most interesting and / or attention-grabbing trailers released in the past month or so, especially in terms of their music and sound. Have a suggestion on what we should look at next time? Follow us @trailaurality and visit our weekly blog at for even more analysis and discussion. See you next month!

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