As long-time followers of the site will no doubt know, at the start of every week we have posted confirmation news on the week’s upcoming trailer releases.

These confirmations were thanks to Deluxe/Technicolor Digital Cinema sharing the information regarding the weekly TrailMix drives sent to North American cinemas on their websites – which we used as an indicator of a trailer arriving online that week given its cinematic release.

We have been informed that for security reasons, Deluxe/Technicolor will not be making future TrailMix information available on their public sites from now on – this is why we haven’t posted anything in regards to which trailers are set to play with Justice League this week.

Admittedly, the beauty of a lot of these confirmations is that they came before the studio could announce the launch of a particular trailer itself – and we have broken a lot of such ‘news’ over the 18 months this site has been running. Another aspect of it is due to this public accessibility, this information could be linked back and verified by any one of you currently reading this – and know that it is legitimate.

In the spirit of keeping up with this transparency and ability to publicly link back, we won’t be sharing any such further confirmations from cinemas – only official announcements/confirmations from studios and related representatives. However, we will still continue with the In The Pipeline updates for new trailers rated by classification boards, and provide educated guesses as to when would those land (and with which film, if applicable) – as well as all the other coverage and content that we post on here.

Hope this doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the site too much – and we thank you for all the support you have given since May 2016.

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