Following its premiere at TIFF last month, we are about to get the first look at Louis C.K.’s ‘secret movie’ I Love You Daddy. The trailer has been sent out by Deluxe Digital for this week’s release of the fantastic The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, and we expect it online in the days ahead.

Screenshot at Oct 16 23-22-58.png

TV producer Glen Topher is a divorced dad whose teenage daughter China is living with him during her senior year. Glen takes China to a Hollywood party where he meets his idol Leslie Goodwin, the auteur who inspired his career. During the evening, the gossip about Goodwin’s preference for underage girls begins to look plausible to Glen when the older man shows an intense interest in China. And when Goodwin invites her to go to Paris with him, Glen has to start doing some serious parenting.

Starring Louis C.K., Chloe Grace Moretz, John Malkovich, Rose Byrne, Helen Hunt, and Pamela Aldon,  I Love You Daddy is released November 17 in the U.S..

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