UPDATE: The trailer is set to debut in theatres this week with Happy Death Day – and we expect it to arrive online in the coming days. Timely, given the film premieres tonight at the London Film Festival…

Original post follows:

Cory Finley’s directorial debut Thoroughbred premiered earlier this year at Sundance to very positive reviews, and now the horror thriller – picked up by Focus Features and re-titled Thoroughbreds – is about to launch its marketing campaign with a first trailer. Rated by the Ontario Film Authority overnight, the piece is expected to land online and in cinemas soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Screenshot at Sep 22 09-39-46.png

Two teenage girls in suburban Connecticut rekindle their unlikely friendship after years of growing apart. In the process, they learn that neither is what she seems to be, and that a murder might solve both of their problems.

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke and Anton Yelchin in his final on-screen role, Thoroughbreds is released soon in U.S. and UK cinemas, with a date to be announced.

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