Netflix are on a roll. After the news that the streaming network has scooped up Martin Scoresese’s The Irishman and the first look at David Ayer’s Bright debuting during the Oscars on Sunday, they’ve brought a new look at another of their productions from one of the world’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

The first teaser for Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Okja’ surfaced this morning (h/t The Film Stage), and you can check it out below. While short, this trailer provides and intriguing first look at the director’s follow up to the acclaimed Snowpiercer.

Meet Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend – a massive animal named Okja. Following her across continents, the coming-of-age comedy drama sees Mija’s horizons expand in a way one never would want for one’s children, coming up against the harsh realities of genetically modified food experimentation, globalization, eco-terrorism, and humanity’s obsession with image, brand and self-promotion.

Starring Ahn Seo-hyun, Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Steven Yeun and Lily Collins, Okja will be released globally on Netflix June 28, with a limited theatrical release in the U.S. and other markets.

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