Movie fans have been itching for their first look at footage from Martin Scorsese’s latest for a long, long time (especially given the film was originally slated for release in November, before being announced for a December limited release), and finally we may now know when we are getting it!

Just before Paramount chairman Brad Grey presented the teaser trailer for Silence at a New York City press event (which featured new trailers for other upcoming releases including a Depeche Mode-backed proper first trailer for Ghost in the Shell), producer Brent Ryan Green revealed on Twitter that the trailer should be coming in time for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival (also a Paramount release in the U.S.) which releases November 11, with the online launch ‘maybe on the 9th’.

The Silence teaser shown at the press event, according to members of the press who have seen it, is described as short and dialogue-free. It’s currently unclear whether the same trailer is the one Paramount plan to drop officially, but for now, check out a few Twitter reactions:

More details on the presentation are up at THR. We will update as soon as we get any more information and confirmations regarding the Silence teaser and the other upcoming trailers Paramount previewed to press at the event.

The long-awaited film, starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson and Adam Driver, is in limited release in the U.S. on December 23, with a wide release sometime in January. No UK release date has been announced yet.

(thank you to Twitter user @sylverleo for the heads up on the Silence news!)


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